Heath Allbaugh, Company Owner

About me:

Heath Allbaugh, the esteemed President of the Florida Environmental Balancing Bureau, is a figure synonymous with excellence and innovation in the field. As the owner of FTS TEST AND BALANCE, he brings to the table not just his executive acumen, but also a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of environmental balancing. Under his leadership, the bureau has made significant strides, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable practices and technological advancements. His vast experience and profound wisdom translate into a work culture at FTS that emphasizes quality, precision, and constant growth. Heath’s dedication to his craft sets a high standard for the industry, making him not only a successful business owner but also a respected leader in the environmental sector.


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Team Members

Adam Hughes, Vice President of Operations

About me:

I have been in the HVAC industry for twenty-one years. I started my career at an engineering firm making the digital drawings that the industry uses to install the HVAC system. After five years behind a desk I transitioned from making the drawings to in the field testing and documenting of the HVAC system performances. I have been a NEBB certified professional for seven years and will continue down this path

Aaron Troupe, Field Supervisor

John Moore

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