Fire Damper Testing

Safeguard your building’s occupants and assets with FTS and its specialized Fire Damper Testing services. Our skilled professionals meticulously inspect and test fire dampers, vital components of your building’s fire protection system. Through rigorous testing and maintenance, we ensure these critical safety devices are functioning as intended, providing you with peace of mind and compliance with fire safety regulations. Trust our expertise to keep your fire protection systems in optimal condition, enhancing the safety of your premises.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

Prioritize the health and well-being of your indoor environment with our comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing services. Our expert technicians utilize advanced techniques to measure and analyze key air quality factors, ensuring the air you breathe is clean, safe, and free from pollutants. By identifying potential indoor air quality issues, we help create a healthier and more comfortable space for occupants. Experience the benefits of improved IAQ through our tailored testing solutions.

DALT Services

Elevate your building’s performance and efficiency with our cutting-edge Demand Air Leakage Testing (DALT) services. Our specialized team assesses your structure’s airtightness under real-world conditions, pinpointing areas of air leakage that could lead to energy loss and discomfort. Through meticulous testing and analysis, we help you achieve superior insulation, reduced energy waste, and a more controlled indoor environment. Discover the power of DALT in enhancing your building’s sustainability and overall comfort.

Test and balance services

Experience the difference with our comprehensive Test and Balance services. Our skilled professionals fine-tune your HVAC and water systems, ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and comfort. Whether it’s air side or water side balancing, we have the expertise to enhance circulation and airflow, delivering a more balanced environment. Trust in our precision and dedication to detail for a perfectly balanced indoor space that maximizes your system’s potential.

BET Testing

Elevate your building’s energy efficiency and comfort with our specialized Building Envelope Testing (BET) services. Our expert team meticulously evaluates and enhances the integrity of your structure’s exterior, ensuring it meets the highest standards of insulation and airtightness. Through rigorous testing and analysis, we identify areas for improvement, helping you reduce energy waste, lower utility costs, and create a more comfortable indoor environment. Discover the power of BET in optimizing your building’s performance and sustainability.

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